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Standing Corn

These articles are noted throughout the website but here is a 'one stop shopping' place for you to either go to the website or obtain the .pdf for your printing pleasure.





BioWash Specifics What is BioWash?website or the What is BioWash?pdf
  Video on BioWash
  Founder of BioWash website or the Founder pdf
Science 101 Fertilizer Boosters website or the Fertilizer Boosters pdf
  Multiple Effects of BioWash website or the Multiple Effects of BioWashpdf
Field Studies Summary of 2012 Field Trial Results website or the Summary of 2012 pdf
2012 Field Trial 1 of 2012website or the Field Trial 1 of 2012 pdf
  Field Trial 2 of 2012website or the Field Trial 2 of 2012 pdf
2011 2011 Mixed Hay Trials website or the 2011 Mixed Hay Trials pdf
  2011 V5 Research website or the 2011 V5 Research pdf