Dr ted tidwell

founder and formulator of biowash

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1st EnviroSafety, Inc., the parent company of BioWash, is the corporate brainchild of Dr. Ted Tidwell of St James City, Florida. Dr. Tidwell is the original developer and formulator of BioWash. He brings a diverse and successful educational, agricultural and business background to the table but what sets him apart is his absolute passion for finding ways to solve the problem of world hunger without harming the environment or humans in the process. It is Dr. Tidwell's passion that makes him zealous about BioWash – but it's current users of BioWash or those who are considering using this product that are turning his vision into reality.

Brief History of BioWash The BioWash phenomenon happened quite by accident. It began in 1997 when Dr. Ted Tidwell of Pine Island, Florida became aware that cancer causing chemicals in common household cleaners were one cause of the epidemic of cancer and other debilitating diseases. He embarked on a quest to develop a carcinogen free cleaning solution. It took five, often discouraging years, of research and testing but he finally developed a gentle yet highly effective carcinogen-free cleaner/degreaser.

Then, two events happened. A California orange grower used it to wash dust from his tree leaves and enjoyed an enormous increase in yields. Aware of that experience, a Miami mango tree owner washed his mango tree leaves. His yield soared from about 50 mangos the previous season to over 800. He photographed the results and the world took notice. As the news spread, Dr. Tidwell began receiving reports of sensationally increased yields of produce in: beans, citrus, corn, mangos, melons, papayas, peppers, soy, tomatoes and wheat, after BioWashing the crops. In addition, growers reported their plants displayed a natural resistance to insects and diseases. They also reported that BioWashed plants were showing amazing resistance to frost and freezing conditions.

It became apparent that BioWash is NOT a fertilizer but stimulates the electro-magnetic interaction between plant roots and nutrient ions in the soil. Agronomists describe the process as “Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)”.

Today, thousands of growers from all around the world are enjoying this “accidental phenomenon”. Large farm owners and home gardeners on every continent are ecstatic because they have finally found the solution to reducing the use of environmentally harmful fertilizers and insecticides while greatly increasing yields, nutrients and profits.

The sensational BioWash news soon reached Dr. Leon Hesser. Dr Hesser is the internationally respected agriculturist who had assisted Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman Borlaug in the original “Green Revolution.” Dr. Borlaug is credited with being the “Father of the Green Revolution” - a series of research, development and technology transfer initiatives occurring between the 1940s through late 1970s. Dr. Borlaug is credited with saving over a billion people from starvation. His initiative involved the development of high yielding varieties of cereal grains, expansion of irrigation infrastructure, modernization of management techniques, distribution of hybridized seeds, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to farmers. The term “Green Revolution” was first used in 1968 by USAID director William Gaud referring to these achievements. Dr. Hesser was so impressed with BioWash that he partnered with 1st EnviroSafety to initiate what he terms the “2nd Green Revolution.”

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