what is biowash 100 and biowash 25

let's see what makes this stuff work

  • Because BioWash produces results that mimic chemical fertilizers and insecticides, it may be helpful to first talk about what BioWash is not:
    First of all....BioWash is not a fertilizer
    and it does not completely replace fertilizer, despite the fact that, with its use, growers experience phenomenal plant growth and yield. BioWash is not an insecticide, despite the fact that its application reduces insect damage.
  • BioWash does, however, help you use less fertilizer. The use of less fertilizer means less chemical runoff into water sources and reduced exposure to the health hazards of those products. Applying less fertilizer also means less cost to growers.
  • BioWash does, however, increase BRIX (sugar) production in plants. Because many insects cannot effectively digest sugar they look elsewhere for a meal. The outcome is less need for insecticides, less introduction of chemicals into the ecosystem and reduced cost to the grower.
    As a by-product of Increased sugar production, plants also become more frost and freeze tolerant (down to 27° Fahrenheit), providing added crop protection during cold snaps. More plant sugar also means sweeter, better tasting vegetable produce and fruit, which translates to higher profits.
  • So What is BioWash? The simple answer is that it's a fertilzer booster on steroids....but it's much, much more than that.......
    natural BioWash is a natural blend of 99.9% processed extracts of natural plants (phyto-chemicals) and is completely biodegradable.
      BioWash stimulates natural growth defenses of plants at the cellular level, encouraging increased root size which allows more efficient uptake and of nutrients moisture to stalks and leaves, improving stamina in the plant. Stronger plants mean more abundant harvests which translate to higher profits
    not harmful Because BioWash contains no harmful chemicals there are no governmental regulations to deal with when using it, making it very attractive to large commercial farmers.
      Since BioWash can stimulate several plant processes at the same time, the overall energy level of the plant is elevated. As any producer knows, healthy plants are the best resistance to any pest or disease.
    What's the
    difference between BioWash 100 & 25?
    100 is agricultural use and the 25 is our garden blend.