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Product Evaluation: BioWash 100 Foliar Applications at V5

Manufacturer/Distributor: The following research evaluates the effectiveness of a product called BioWash 100 produced by 1st EnviroSafety, Inc., St. James City, Florida. Research was conducted by Robert R. Treloar, retired Professor of Biology, who now farms in Northeastern Iowa. Positive Plant Products LLC of Fredericksburg, Iowa is the distributor of this product. 

Product Summary: BioWash 100 is an all-natural product that increases the ability of plant roots to absorb necessary nutrients and water. Tiny particles in BioWash 100 called colloidal micelles carry a negative charge that attracts positive charged particles (cations) many of which are fertilizers and essential micronutrients. Plant response to application of BioWash 100 should:
(1) Increase cationic exchange via the root system and the existing soil nutrients 
(2) Enhance translocation of these nutrients throughout the plant
(3) Improve the efficacy of other products (adjuvant properties)
(4) Increase absorption of products (surfactant properties)

2011 Research Focus: The focus of the trials was to evaluate the use of BioWash 100 as a foliar amendment by itself and as an
adjuvant with another foliar product. The field was divided into plots designated as lanes of 1.0 acre each. The
foliar application was conducted on June 8, 2011. Conditions were overcast and 850 F. Soil types are prone to
drought. The following table reflects the data collected.

Lane Treatment @ V5 Stage Yield/acre Yield Improvement
1 No treatment (control) 215.6 Baseline
2 BioWash 100 - 5oz/acre foliar 222.3 +6.7 bushels
3 MAX-IN 1.5 quarts/acre foliar 223.8 +8.2 bushels
4 BioWash 100 (5ozs)+ MAX-IN (1.5 qts)/acre foliar 231.9 +16.3 bushels


Interpretation of Results:
The data indicates that the use of BioWash 100 by itself does increase the corn yield significantly (6.7 bushel). MAX-IN when used alone increases the yield (8.2 bushel), but when MAX-IN is used in conjunction with BioWash 100 the yield is increased even more (16.3 bushel). The increased yield as a result of the combination of the two products strongly suggests that BioWash 100 acts as an adjuvant.

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