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BioWash 100 and BioWash 25 products provide remarkable demonstrated yield stimulating qualities in a variety of crops. Most producers would like a single product that would accomplish the lofty goal of high yields with very low costs. Learn more…or here's a video on BioWash.

BioWash for Farming

for farming

bio wash 100

"More Grain per Rain" is how we look at it when we add BioWash to our planting protocol because of the increased absorption of nutrients it affords. Start by looking at:

BioWash for Gardening

for gardening

bio wash 25

For the aspiring "green thumb" in all of us. BioWash 25 is the garden blend formulation for those vibrant veggies, bountiful fruits, and fragrant flowers we all strive for.

Research from our Farm

research from our farm

As convincing as it gets

Utilizing practical down-to-earth testing prodedures to show farmers why BioWash100 should be considered a part of their planting program.

BioWash Articles

biowash articles

what is bio wash?

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